Our Chapter History

For 20 years, National Charity League, Inc., Cypress Belles Chapter has been a positive force in our community through our dedication to philanthropic service and fostering the development of strong character, leadership, and social responsibility in our daughters.


National Charity League, Inc., Cypress Belles Chapter was first organized in May 1999 during a meeting at Foundry United Methodist Church. Our new chapter quickly formed with members in each grade level, 7-10th grade initially. In the Fall of 1999, we had our first of many Patroness (mother) and Ticktocker (daughter) meetings.


Many of our chapter traditions and commitments to philanthropies that were established in our first years remain with us today. Dedicated to philanthropic service and anchored by the strong legacy of our founders, our chapter has grown substantially since our early days and today boasts nearly 300 members, including over 150 Ticktockers in six grade levels. As our chapter moves further into the 21st century, we proudly honor our foundation in all we do—and most importantly, strive to make our community a better place to live in and to strengthen the enduring bond of mothers and daughters.


The Cypress Belles Chapter Presidents maintain a hands-on philanthropic approach, with activities designed around giving of time and talents.


Our Cypress Belles Leaders:

1999-2000 Florence O’Donnell

2000-2001 Florence O’Donnell

2001-2002 Nancy Frankel

2002-2003 Nancy Frankel

2003-2004 Delisa Piercy

2004-2005 Laurie Tipley

2005-2006 Laurie Tipley

2006-2007 Susan Siceluff

2007-2008 Liz Grumbles

2008-2009 Edna Hardin

2009-2010 Sandi Heintz

2010-2011 Annette Smith

2011-2012 Alisa Lukasek

2012-2013 Derinda Keiser

2013-2014 Stacye Anderson

2014-2015 Marian Horne

2015-2016 Carey Dow

2016-2017 Melissa Baker

2017-2018 Melissa Broad

2018-2019 Mechelle Dubois